Ready to put the case on. Case is held up by the leather handle and front grip. For right hand carry the shoulder strap is attached to the D-ring on top of the case and over the handle to the D-ring that is across the bottom of the case.

With the right hand on leather handle, grab the strap with your left hand. Let the right hand release the leather handle. Put the right arm between the back of case and the strap. Lift the strap onto the right shoulder with the left hand.

Strap is on right shoulder for sling carry.

For single strap backpack carry from sling position, the left hand lifts the strap over the head and the right arm lifts the case.

Allow the strap to rest on the left shoulder and the case to settle in the middle of the back. Adjust the strap length for a good fit.

Left side view of single strap backpack carry. Hands are free.

Front view of single strap backpack carry. Strap rests securely on left shoulder across the body to the right hip.

Right side view of single strap backpack carry. D-ring / shoulder strap attachment at right hip.