The most important feature of any soft case is the padding. We use EVA closed cell foam for the body and sides of the case. For carrying convenience our padded handles are surrounded by supple leather for a comfortable grip. Besides the standard handle and zippered pouch pocket our softshell autoharp case features 3 D-Rings which are situated so that the case can be carried “purse style” or as a single strap backpack carry. The inside top is solid cordura to protect the case from the instrument.

Price List

Model Width Length Depth Price Custom
Autoharp 186.00*
Autoharp Case Bag 109.00*


Options Price
Back Pack Straps 29.00*
Custom Pocket 25.00*
Extra D-Rings 15.00*
Extra Shoulder Strap 22.00*


Method Price
Canadian/Priority Mail 48.00
Lower 48/UPS Ground 25.00
Other Please Call

*Orders shipped to California please add 8.5% Ca sales tax. Shipping & Handling (USA) UPS Ground, please add $25.00. Shipping & Handling to Canada via US Mail, please add $48.00 (US funds). We accept Visa, Mastercard and personal checks.